New year, new website and approach

Hey, you

We made a resolution this year; to launch a brand new website. The old website was running for close to 5 years, and was desperately in need of an overhaul. It didn’t reflect who we are or what we do in 2018. We started work on this new website a looooong time ago, but with client work and family life it got put on the back burner. Truth be told, we’ve been very lucky that we have a handful of loyal customers who we work with every month, so we’ve never really needed to push our marketing very much. But that’s about to change this year…

New year, new me

Out with the old, in with the new. So many cliches, so little time. But seriously, we’re pushing the boat out this year… we’ve launched our brand new website, we’re about to roll out some big marketing campaigns and we’re really looking to getting out there, networking and generally getting the word out about the services we offer. We’ve even gone and got ourselves a Facebook account. We want to grow, meet and learn from other business owners, do more great client work and continue learning our web design & development craft.

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