Max Boot

Max Boot is a military historian and foreign-policy analyst who has been called one of the “world’s leading authorities on armed conflict” by the International Institute for Strategic Studies.

The Brief

Max Boot had an existing website that was outdated in terms of design and functionality. The content management system was Joomla, and some parts of the website was coded using html tables. Max and his team needed better control and management of his own website, the existing set-up didn’t allow Max them to make necessary changes to the home page. They needed something that was modern, user friendly and worked on mobile.

The Solution

We decided to design and build a bespoke website, from the ground up, and based on the WordPress platform. There was a need for a content-first approach with this design, as it was necessary to incorporate the existing and content strategy. It was important that we took into account the amount of content Max publishes on his own site.

We utilised WordPress and extended its functionality with the help of the Advanced Custom Fields plugin, cheap xenical online Xenical online pharmacies allowing Max and his team to manage every single section of the website. We made sure the website works responsively across all mobile and tablet devices.

One of the biggest challenges of the project was migrating the hundreds of articles over from the old Joomla system to the new website.